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The 2022 Kuriyama

Road Show

2021 Road Show

Keeping Cool at NAHAD

Scottsdale, AZ – NAHAD

Greetings from Arizona

Enjoyed “keeping cool” in Scottsdale, while reconnecting with so many of our distributors after such a long time. Congratulations to the NAHAD team for all their hard work in putting together a great program in the midst of so much uncertainty.

At this show we had the opportunity to feature some of our newest products; including our Conqueror Concrete Hose line, our Tundra Air Hose Assembly Bobsled Displays and Packaging, some new additions to our Sanitary Coupling Line and our Tigerflex Tiger Aqua hose with NSF 61 materials.

Show Photos

  • The KOA NAHAD crew
  • Tim and Chris at the NAHAD booth
  • Nahad booth
  • NAHAD 2021 sign

Show Videos

  • NAHAD video
KOA RV on the road