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The 2022 Kuriyama

Road Show

Miami, FL – NAHAD

Greetings from Florida

NAHAD (National Association for Hose and Distribution) made a SPLASH in MIAMI with nearly 1,000 in attendance at their Annual Conference. Our team had the pleasure of showcasing our latest and greatest hose and accessories at the conference as well as hosting one of the hospitality suites.

In addition, Kuriyama had the privilege of participating in NAHAD’s Charity:Water program, along with other NAHAD members, in an effort to help bring safe and clean water to every area of the globe. For more information, please visit www.charitywater.org

Show Photos

  • NAHAD Booth
  • NAHAD Crew
  • Piranha Products
  • NAHAD Products
  • NAHAD Products
  • Kuriayama Employees
  • Kuriayama Employees
  • Kuriayama Employees
  • Kuriayama Employees
  • landsharsk

Show Videos

  • NAHAD Video
KOA RV on the road